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Arrangement: Akane Teshigahara. Photo: Chukyo Ozawa.

Sogetsu ikebana is a three-dimensional artistic expression composed of flower and plant material arranged in a container. Although it is based on Japanese tradition, Sogetsu is becoming recognized throughout the world as a sculptural form of art. It is a school that strives for a modern fresh style that evolves along with society. In particular, Sogetsu promotes an ikebana of no limits in which plant materials of any type are used to be displayed anywhere and in any circumstance. It is up to the aesthetic awareness of the individual ikebana arranger to compose the materials, choose their most beautiful aspects, order them, and endow them with a value or feeling transcending that which they had in nature. As people diverse from each other, the students of Sogetsu are encouraged to create sculptural compositions that are individualistic and imaginative. Sogetsu North America is part of the Sogetsu Foundation based in Tokyo, Japan. It promotes various activities to research and increase the awareness of ikebana and promote the curriculum of Sogetsu in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean. Instructors are frequently sent from Sogetsu Headquarters to conduct workshops and seminars. Sogetsu North America coordinates these instructor visits which serve to maintain a high level of contact and interchange with Sogetsu Headquarters. The group also supports the region's various branches and study groups in their local cultural activities. In addition, Sogetsu North America sponsors large conventions ever three to four years in a different North American location to provide workshops, exhibitions, and demonstrations.


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