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Sofu Teshigahara established the Sogetsu School in 1927. Believing that ikebana should be both enjoyable and creative, Sofu developed a school of ikebana that was deeply rooted in Japanese tradition yet embraced the evolving requirements of the modern age. The changes of Japanese lifestyles and release of the Japanese traditional mentality after World War II made the novel and original Sogetsu ikebana available to everyone. In this way Sofu spread the art of Sogetsu ikebana throughout the world, as well as staging exhibitions of his own ikebana-based sculptures. The very close relationships Sofu had with many Western artists helped make the term ikebana known to many people throughout the world.

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Photos: Portrait: Ken Doman; Bottom Row (left to right): 1. Hiroshi Teshigahara;
. Ken Domon; 4. Yasuhiro Ishimoto; 5-8. Ken Domon; 9. Takeshi Fujimori.